Lifespan Faith Development FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Lifespan Faith Development (LFD) Department

  • Do you charge a registration fee?

Classes held during the week or on Sundays after the regular service times may charge a small enrollment fee, depending on the class activities. Children’s programs generally do not have fees, but some nominal fees may apply to adult classes. In general, we rely on your generous annual pledge to provide funds for the general operating budget, which includes the Lifespan Faith Development Program.

If you are newly enrolling any children and youth in a program, we do ask that you fill out a Family Enrollment form.

  • Are there any Lifespan Faith Development classes or activities that include all ages? 

Yes! You can always find this information by referring to the Lifespan Faith Development section of the most recent newsletter. Or suggest a workshop or event by emailing the Interim Director of Lifespan Faith Development, Laine Young, at

  • What is an intergenerational service?

First UU Austin offers several services when children and youth (nursery through 12th grade) are encouraged to attend the full service.  On these dates, we do not offer children’s classes during services, but do provide childcare for ages 6 months to 3 years. Look in the newsletter or announcements for upcoming intergenerational services.

  • Can children and youth attend worship services that are not intergenerational?

We encourage children and youth to attend the first part of each service. Children and youth have the option to remain throughout the entire worship service, but may gain a better, age-appropriate understanding of our UU faith by attending RE classes. Our Sunday classes engage the children and youth in spiritual and intellectual activities that fulfill the need adults gain from the worship services. After being sung to their classes, children gather in the gallery to meet their teachers. Teachers accompany the children to their appropriate classrooms. Parents may sit in and observe class as they choose.

Children are required to sign in at the LFD sign-in kiosk in the church foyer before each service. We invite visitors to accompany their children to the classrooms so that they can sign in with the teacher. Classes are released 15 minutes after the end of service. Parents and guardians must pick up children once their classes end.

  • What are Adult Faith Development (AFD) Classes? 

Various AFD courses are offered throughout the week. Check the announcements or the Lifespan FD section of the most recent newsletter to see what’s new. You can also get information about upcoming AFD classes at the Lifespan FD Table in the Gallery on Sundays.

In our religion, no one tells you what you must believe or how you must practice your faith. Rather, we guide you along your path toward determining that for yourself. Our fourth principle calls that the “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.”

  • How do I make a monetary contribution to the Lifespan Faith Development Department? 

We rely on your generous annual pledge to the church to provide funds for the general operating budget, which includes the faith development program. If you would like to make a separate donation to LFD please contact the Interim Director of Lifespan Faith Development, Laine Youg, at .

  • Do you provide childcare for events that are not held during worship times on a Sunday? 

Upon request only, childcare can be provided for church-related events. First UU does not provide childcare for non-church groups. For more information about requesting childcare for your event, contact the Childcare Coordinator at .

  • What measures do you have in place to ensure the safety of our children and youth?

Please review our latest Child and Youth Safety Policy. This policy pertains to all activities associated with our church. We also abide by most of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services minimum standards for licensed childcare facilities, but we are not a state licensed childcare facility.

Please note: New Church Policy for Vaccines

 In accordance with Austin ISD’s policy, First UU Church of Austin requires children enrolled in our Sunday School program to be fully vaccinated. This new policy is based on the honor system and proof of vaccination will not be required.  If you have chosen not to vaccinate your child(ren), and have a deep conscientious objection to this policy, you are welcome to schedule a time to meet with Laine to discuss your concerns. (, but please note that in times of emergency or epidemic declared by the State Commissioner of Health, you child(ren) may be asked not to attend Sunday School or Youth Group activities.

  • How can I stay connected to the Lifespan Faith Development Department online?

Our church has a Facebook page, as well as a specified Families group.