Most of the sermons delivered at the First UU Church of Austin during the past 10 years are available online through this website — over 500 of them!.  You will find links to them in the right sidebar, in a tree-menu labeled Sermons.

Using the second link in the Sermons menu, Indexes, is the best way to find a particular sermon when you know the date, topic, and/or speaker. The Indexes link leads to two pages of tables of all sermons in a given year. The table shows each sermon for that year, listed by date (newest to oldest), with topic and speaker; click on the topic to go to the sermon. These indexes are the easiest way for most people to find a sermons.

The top link in the Sermons menu (Sermons itself) takes you to text versions of all sermons we have preserved, 10 per page, from the most recent to the oldest. Some of these will include a transcript of part or all of  the service in which the sermon was delivered. Over 500 sermons are spread over 50 pages, so this link is not an efficient way to search for a particular sermon — it is OK to find a recent sermon.

If you are able, try using some of the other categories in the sidebar Sermons menu. These limit the selection displayed to those of a specific minister or other speaker, by name. The last two in the list will display all the sermons for which audio or video is available.

Many sermons have audio versions (podcasts), and and a few have video versions. To get to these versions, click on the sermon heading or the Read more.. link.  Go to the bottom of the page for an audio Flash player. Sermons with a video version will have a video Flash player at the top of the page.