Please refer to the addresses and phone numbers listed below for getting in touch with someone at the church. We welcome your inquiry and look forward to hearing from you.

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin
4700 Grover Ave.
Austin, TX 78756

Office Hours: 9-4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday
Phone: (512) 452-6168
Fax: (877) 733-6168

Direct your inquiries to any of the following, as appropriate:

Worship Services

  • Senior Minister, Reverend Meg Barnhouse (ext. 1304) 
  • Music Director, Brent Baldwin (ext. 1314) 
  • Service times and directions recording at (512) 452-6168, then press 1

Congregational Care

  • Leave messages for the Caring Ministry at ext. 1315

Lifespan Faith Development

  • Interim Director of Lifespan Faith Development, Laine Young (ext. 1306) 
  • Childcare Coordinator, Karyn Machler

Church Administration

  • Minister for Program Development, Rev. Chris Jimmerson (ext. 1308) 
  • Financial Administrator, Katherine Patton (ext. 1300) 
  • Congregational Adminstrator, Shannon Posern (ext. 1313)
  • Communications Coordinator, Victoria Valadez (ext. 1301) 

Church Groups

  • Please see the Community section of the site for information about contacting various church groups.
  • For website issues, contact the webmaster at