Values, Mission, Ends and Covenant

In September 2010, the congregation of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin approved this statement of values, mission, ends, and a covenant of healthy relations, to guide the church in its operations and decisions, and to guide the lives of its members.

Our Values

  • Transcendence – To connect with wonder and awe of the unity of life
  • Community – To connect with joy, sorrow, and service with those whose lives we touch
  • Compassion – To treat ourselves and others with love
  • Courage – To live lives of honesty, vulnerability, and beauty
  • Transformation – To pursue the growth that changes our lives and heals our world

Our Mission

At First UU Church of Austin, we gather in community to

  • nourish souls
  • transform lives
  • and do justice.


  • First UU Church of Austin is an intentionally hospitable community where:
    • All people are treated with respect and dignity
    • All people of goodwill are welcomed
    • People are supported in times of joy and need
    • People find connection with one another in fellowship
    • We are fully engaged and generous with time, treasure and talent
    • We invite people of goodwill to find a spiritual home with us
    • We engage as UUs in public life
  • First UU Church of Austin nourishes souls and transforms lives by:
    • Engaging and supporting one another in spiritual practice and growth
    • Providing worship, programs and activities that awaken meaning and transcendence
    • Providing a caring, supportive and safe place to rekindle the spirit
  • First UU Church of Austin witnesses to justice in our personal lives and beyond, by:
    • Practicing liberal religious values in the public arena
    • Empowering all people to access the richness of life
    • Providing leadership to the greater UUA community to expand the reach of our movement
    • Partnering with the interfaith community to live our shared values

A Covenant of Healthy Relations

As a religious community, we promise:

To Welcome and Serve

  • By being intentionally hospitable to all people of good will
  • By being present with one another through life’s transitions
  • By encouraging the spiritual growth of people of all ages

To Nurture and Protect

  • By communicating with one another directly in a spirit of compassion and good will
  • By speaking when silence would inhibit progress
  • By disagreeing from a place of curiosity and respect
  • By interrupting hurtful interactions when we witness them
  • By expressing our appreciation to each other

To Sustain and Build

  • By affirming our gratitude with generous gifts of time, talent and money for our beloved community
  • By honoring our commitments to ourselves and one another for the sake of our own integrity and that of our congregation
  • By forgiving ourselves and others when we fall short of expectations, showing good humor and the optimism required for moving forward

Thus do we covenant with one another.

Approved at congregation meeting May 5, 2013