Faith Development

The Lifespan Faith Development Department at First UU Austin enhances the spiritual growth of our infants, children, youth, and adults by providing a context where congregants of all ages share, interact, and experience “meaning making” about life within a welcoming environment of discovery and cooperation. The Unitarian Universalist Association and independent UU authors develop the curricula we have selected with you in mind. Other components of our programming include worship, community building, special rituals and events, leadership development, social action and fellowship. Our programming is open to all individuals, whatever their religious background or present beliefs, non-beliefs and questionings.

Ask a Unitarian Universalist their definition or interpretation of what “faith development” means in our faith, and you will receive many different answers. However varied these definitions, we are all certain of the role you play in your own experience in church. We believe that you are your own primary religious educator. We urge you to honor your own wonderings and wanderings and share them with other people in the church community. Everything and everyone in this congregation can contribute to your faith development. We work toward building an atmosphere that respects and cares about individual differences and personhood while developing a strong UU identity. We strive to build a multi-generational community that is enriched by the many cultural experiences we bring to one another. In this company of “seekers” you will find ways to further build upon our beloved community of memory and hope.

Our program is only made possible by our Lifespan Faith Development staff, as well as numerous volunteers.

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